Progressive Gas Monitoring System (Mini TM)

Taufeeq Elahi designed, coded, manufactured and marketed the worlds first digital natural gas vehicle measuring system from his privately operated firm in Islamabad. Instead of presenting the gas pressure through 4 LEDs ( that has a least count of 50 bars ), and is a rough estimation of remaining gas in the cylinder of the car, he applied a new method of measuring gas pressure that gave a digital and easy to read output for the driver. This new system has a least count of 5 bars. The gauges for this product were manufactured in Shenzhen, China, and rest of it was done in Pakistan.

The design follows the standard dimensions of the NGV switch so that installation of this kit is kept simple for auto technicians. Material for both Gauge and dashboard console are both ABS. Patent pending.

The console to be fitted in the car dashboard. The switch used


Progmosys Package containing Digital Gauge, Console, Wiring, User Manual, Warranty Card and Sticker.


Progmosys Mini (TM) fitted in a Diatshu Charade


This product is based on Taufeeq Elahi's research paper on natural gas measurement that he presented in International Multitopic Conference 2008 Karachi, published by IEEE.



Progressive Gas Monitoring System - Rev 4

The next generation of PROGMOSYS is the Rev 4 that is designed and prototyped for use in electronic fuel injection cars. Rev 4 comes with an external seven segment display that can be mounted on the car dashboard. Least count is 1 bar and is produced as an OEM for custom installation in cars.

Progmosys Rev4 fitted in a Suzuki Liana 1.3 Liter EFi


Progmosys Rev4 system. Display and OEM chipset all developed by Taufeeq Elahi at his lab





Insight Infrared (TM)

Complete designing, prototyping, manufacture and marketing of Pakistan’s first locally built commercial computer hardware – Insight Infrared™. The product was aimed at controlling PC with a hand held remote control; useful for giving presentations or multimedia operations. Honor to be the youngest to acquire a national patent in the country. PATENT NO: 12322-D / 199789

Insight(TM) package showing the receiver device, remote control, User Manual and Installation CD.


Insight(TM) package showing the receiver device, remote control, User Manual and Installation CD.




Circle of Light - The Digital Sundial Clock

“Circle of Light” is a concept of a digital sun dial clock. The design brings modern microprocessor technology and the ancient way of time keeping on one platform, giving this product a majestic look and feel. Instead of sun, the light to the shadow pole is provided by LEDs controlled by microprocessor. Time is read by three shadows of different lengths. Fully working model has been developed. This concept design has been published by Taufeeq has released the building plans for this product on CC3.0 license on this website.

The circle of light in action. Three LEDs of different colors throwing light on a single shadow pole to create the illusion of time. The time here reads 05:35 and 40 Secs.


Circle of Light hanging in Taufeeq's Art gallary



Hello Mushroom

Phone booths are dying with the emerge of mobile phone networks. In most parts of the world, they are being re-utilized for something else. Hello Mushroom project also tries to answer the same problem. The design is based on Malaysian public phone company "helo" and uses their visual culture. The new mushroom shaped booth promises to stand out of the background. The new services would include Mobile Top-up, Maps for tourists, SMS Service and advertisements from different local business. Also it would provide free wi-fi in a radius of 100 meters. 


Helo Mushroom Concept Design


Services being used by normal / special user


The dimensions in the design are carefully chosen according to Malaysian anthropometric data. Children and wheel-chair users can use the services easily. 


Close-up of the Kiosk / Wheel chair user


Kiosk has been designed according to the principles of interaction design. Easy, non confusing and familiar design layout has been used. The kiosk would accept Cash, Coins and Cards ( including Touch'n'Go )
































Smart Toast

Smart Toast breaks the status-quo of how we look at toasters. Smart Toast is a concept design for Electrolux. It operates by putting the bread toasts from the top, and once the toast is ready, it automatically drops down into the plate.


Smart Toast - Concept Design


Two breads to be loaded into the slots


Smart Toast automatically detects the presence of the toast and starts the heating coils without you pressing any buttons.


Prepared toasts dropping into the plate.




Constant supply of energy is critical for military around the world. Biogen is targeted towards deployed forces who require battery supplies over the period of years. This concept promises to deliver infinite clean energy by turning walking / running movement into rotating energy that can charge the built in Li-Po batteries.

Estimated battery life, charging speed buttons, power on off, and back light buttons, all are given on the front panel. Gorilla glass and magnesium alloy construction make it robust yet light weight. All materials chosen are IP68 compliant.

BioGen - Perspective View


Mechanical System Inside


Usage & Color Variance




Hyperphone is a one touch quick dialing telephone design for patients having vision problems or for elderly people. The phone has a simple-to-hang cradle mechanism and only a few ( 2 - 4 ) buttons on it. Pressing each button once dials a specified destination number. The buttons are big and are lit by bi-color LEDs so that they can be easily identified in dim/no light. Full implementation of this phone was carried out and a fully working model was constructed. The plans to build it have been released under Creative Commons license for the general public. This concept design has been published by

Hyperphone fixed in my Late grandmothers room.





Simplex is the next generation concept design for Hyperphone. It features a large area for docking the receiver. There is no external cradle, hence there is no risk of misplacing the phone. Large, backlit buttons whose labels can be changed are placed on the front. Minimalist design approach is practiced to keep it confusion free. A bright LED is placed on the front panel to indicate incoming call. Buttons for settings etc are on the backside, that can be utilized by the patients caretaker.

Simplex was among the finalists from Malaysia in Dyson Award 2011.

Simplex Phone - Concept Design


Simplex Phone - Close-up Shot


Internal cradle mechanism hidden inside the receiver.



Corporate Souvenir - Proton Motors

Design for Malaysian automotive company Proton. For this souvenir the design rotated around the Satria Neo R3 Edition. The design brings out the aerodynamic feel of Satria, focusing on its CPS engine and its mid bumper placed exhaust outlet. Constructed mainly with tinted glass, the manufacturing cost is kept low.  


Perspective View - Proton Satria Neo based souvenir


Perspective View - Proton Satria Neo based souvenir



DIVA - Reverse Engineering

DIVA is a hair dryer for ladies on the move. Its compact, stylish, bold looking and fully folds.

DIVA is a Class-B reverse engineering of Tesco PH1506 hair dryer. 30% of the external body and 100% of the inside engineering components are retained.    


Perspective View - DIVA


Showing original product and its re-designing phase


1:1 Scale Rapid Prototype. 3D printed using Z-Print